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Peter Emil Jørgensen1814

Peter Emil Jørgensen
Given names
Peter Emil
Birth of a daughter
Marie Jacobine Jørgensen
183 (Age )
Birth of a son
Johannes Peter Severin Jørgensen
April 27 (on the date of death)
Birth of a son
Johannes Daniel Jørgensen
April 29 (on the date of death)

_PREFRegine Severine SplethView this family

_PREFRegine Severine SplethView this family

Christening of a sonJohannes Daniel Jørgensen
June 14, 184 (Age )
Birth 1814

Christening of a daughterMarie Jacobine Jørgensen
July 1838 (Age 24 years)
MarriageRegine Severine SplethView this family
August 1838 (Age 24 years)
Christening of a sonJohannes Peter Severin Jørgensen
June 1841 (Age 27 years)

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